Health and safety

Caring for people is at the core of Statkraft’s culture. A safe, secure and healthy working environment is paramount and this applies wherever we are. Statkraft’s objective is zero serious injuries for our own employees as well as for contractor personnel, suppliers, partners and third parties.

Statkraft works actively and systematically to establish a value-based safety culture based on transparency, clear requirements and a desire for continuous improvement. In order to achieve this, Statkraft has formulated a program to strengthen Statkraft’s health and safety work. The program contains e.g. leading indicators for health and safety performance, increased focus on high-risk activities and training modules for various target groups in the company.

Statkraft’s employees are given training on safety risk adapted to their individual working situation.  A basic, web-based safety course is available to all employees. Furthermore, there are more extensive courses aimed at operative operation and project activities which for example covers the identification of safety hazards, working at heights, handling mobile installations, traffic safety, electrical installations, planning and coordination of safety work and emergency preparedness work.

Accidents, near accidents and hazardous conditions are registered in a group-wide reporting tool. This tool allows for analysis and efficient follow-up. Serious incidents with, or with the potential for, serious consequences are investigated or reviewed following a fixed procedure to reveal all aspects of the incident in order to determine the direct and underlying causes. This information is summarised and followed-up by responsible unit and by the relevant board.

For more information, please see Statkraft’s annual report.