Safety electrical regulation Statkraft

Statkraft's regulations for work at electrical installations in Norway

Title Size Type
Guidelines for electrical safety 0.4MB .PDF
Switching operator 0.2MB .PDF
Safety supervisor LV and safety supervisor LV nominators 0.1MB .PDF
Live work 0.1MB .PDF
Switching supervisor 0.1MB .PDF
Safety supervisor HV (SSHV) 0.1MB .PDF
Temporary safety substitute (TSS) 50KB .PDF
Form for appointment of temporary safety substitute (TSS) in high-voltage systems 25KB .PDF
Risk assessment - declaration of conformity - reporting to system operator 0.1MB .PDF
Connection and disconnection of earth electrodes 49KB .PDF
Instruction for electrical safety 0.2MB .PDF
Switching assistant 0.1MB .PDF