Statkraft’s innovation strategy builds on Statkraft’s overall business strategy and is closely linked to the strategies of the core business.

Statkraft’s aim is to continuously improve and develop existing business, both to maximize value creation and to minimize both short and long term risk. Statkraft also need to ensure that the corporate activities are robust enough to cope with a changing environment. Understanding how the energy system is developing, and the ability to think in innovative ways, is therefore more important than ever.

Statkraft regards innovation and R&D as a vital tool in order to succeed in a changeable market and energy system. The short-term needs of profit must be balanced against long term efforts and development, in order to meet the current and future challenges, and to exploit the possibilities these challenges represent.

Our strategic objective is:

  • Increase future competitive advantages through technology analyses and Corporate R&D Programs within hydropower, wind power, bio energy and climate change.
  • Our innovation system secures the right balance in our innovation portfolio, quality in our R&D activities, and routines for proliferation and implementation of new knowledge within the company.


Innovation BrochureClick on the image to download the Innovation brochure.Click on the image to download the brochure.