Sponsorships and partnerships


Photo: Bård Basberg

Our values – competent, responsible and innovative – form the basis for selecting collaboration partners. It is important for us that the sponsorship agreements have a clear connection to Statkraft’s commercial goals and activities. The agreements are designed to provide mutual benefits for the parties. The sponsorship activities have international, national and local focus, and the purpose is to reach out where Statkraft has a presence and where we can be part of making a difference.


Sports are about performance, energy and enthusiasm, and Statkraft has chosen to support certain sports and events. Our regional offices collaborate with several local events and sports clubs.


Statkraft supports culture internationally, nationally and locally through brief and longer collaboration projects. Several of our offices and arenas are well-suited for concerts and other cultural experiences.


Corporate social responsibility is part of Statkraft’s overall strategy. With a presence in 16 countries and 3600 employees, Statkraft is a global player with local knowledge, and as Europe’s largest company within renewable energy, we want to help make a difference.
The environmental organisation WWF Norway, is a dialogue partner and key player with a critical view on corporate social responsibility and our activities. This is a catalyst to make our core activities better and more efficient. Our international activity has also set focus on humanitarian issues which is the reasoning behind our partnership with the Red Cross.

Norwegian energy partners is a networking organisation founded to promote cooperation between Norwegian and foreign players in the renewable energy industry. Norwegian energy partners is a non-profit joint venture between the Norwegian Renewable Industry and the Norwegian Government. Statkraft is an Norwegian energy partners partner.

Collaboration application

Statkraft will refrain from entering into new partner / sponsor cooperations for the moment. The application link for sponsorship support will eventually be considered re-opened in the second half of 2020.