Vision, values and strategy



Providing pure energy


  • Competent. Using knowledge and experience to achieve ambitious goals and to be recognised as a leading player.
  • Responsible. Creating value, while showing concern for employees, customers, the environment and society in general.
  • Innovative. Thinking creatively, identifying opportunities and developing effectivesolutions.

Business strategy

The energy systems of the world are changing, and they are changing fast. The world is embracing wind- and solar power on a scale that we have never seen before, and there is much more to come. This massive growth increases the need for flexibility. Decreasing costs of solar and wind power will move us away from subsidies, into an energy system with new ways of selling power and customers that are taking stronger interest in renewable energy.

The access to cheap and clean energy makes electrification the most effective solution to the climate challenge. All of these changes represent challenges, but also huge opportunities for those able to adapt.

Statkraft’s strategy responds to the changes in the electricity markets. Flexible hydropower and intermittent onshore wind- and solar power will be combined to deliver reliable, renewable and cost competitive energy to customers.

Our strategy has four pillars:

Optimise hydropower portfolio

The most important thing we do is to protect the value of our hydropower assets through refurbishments, improved operations and long-term industrial contracts. Furthermore we will continue to build on our flexible portfolio with selective acquisitions.

Expand as wind and solar developer

Our aim is to become a leading developer of profitable onshore wind and solar projects. This means taking on a significantly larger number of projects, and introducing a build-sell-operate logic. Statkraft develops the projects, including finding route to market and thereafter sells stakes in it.

Grow the customer business

We will use our market knowledge to serve customers’ needs in an increasingly complex market. Our products and services cover the whole value chain; from market access and hedging to green power supply. We will also provide the best solutions for our customers within EV charging and district heating.

Develop new business within decarbonisation and renewable energy

Based on Norway’s position as a forerunner in decarbonisation we will develop 1-2 large business initiatives with international potential, within e.g. data centers, biofuel or hydrogen.